Dr. Ryan Frazine and Debbie French, PA-C completing an Emsculpt Neo treatment to the abdomen at Frazine Wellness in Paducah, KY.

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Taut & Toned

The Ultimate Treatment for a Firmer Body and Smoother Skin

Taut & Toned combines Emsculpt Neo and Emtone to simultaneously address 6 causes of skin texture irregularities and cellulite. This therapy targets skin, muscle, and fat to give you a firmer body and smoother skin.

How Does Taut & Toned Work?

Taut & Toned utilizes three therapies (radiofrequency, targeted pressure energy, and high intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation) to eliminate fat, firm and tone muscles, increase elastin and collagen fibers, and increase local circulation and waste removal. The result is a firmer body and smoother skin.

Core to Floor

World’s Only Non-Invasive Whole Core Treatment

Aging and life events such as childbirth can lead to significant decreases in muscle mass and strength throughout the body, and in particular the core muscles. The core muscles include muscles of your abdomen, trunk, and pelvic floor. These muscles are important in providing support and strength for most any physical activity. They also can support and protect your back and have a large role in bladder control and sexual function. Core to floor therapy is the first non-invasive solution to address the whole core which can improve muscle strength, balance, and incontinence.

How Does Core to Floor Work?

Core to Floor utilizes two HIFEM therapies, Emsculpt Neo on the abdomen and Emsella on the pelvic floor, to strengthen, firm, and tone the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles. The result is increased size and number of muscle fibers and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve strength and balance, as well as incontinence.

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