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    • VO2 Max $149

      The VO2 max test performed on the Korr CardioCoach Max measures your cardiorespiratory fitness, aerobic threshold, anaerobic threshold, and heart rate zones. It also measures the number of carbohydrate and fat calories you burn in different heart rate zones during exercise. This testing is ideal for runners and cyclists, as well as anyone who wants to know how their fitness level measures up.

      Resting Metabolic Rate $99

      Do you wonder what your metabolic rate is or how many calories you burn each day? We use the Korr CardioCoach Max to measure your resting metabolic rate. RMR testing measures calories burned at rest using indirect calorimetry. This along with information about your activity level allows us to calculate your total daily energy expenditure.

      Body Composition (InBody) $49

      Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, knowing and tracking your body composition is key to good results. The InBody body composition analyzer provides measurements of body fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, total body water, visceral fat, and other vital measurements. The test uses a highly accurate form of bioelectrical impedance technology to produce precise and consistent results.

      3D Body Scan (Fit3D) $49

      The Fit3D Body Scan is better than looking at yourself in the mirror. It takes accurate measurements of multiple body areas and creates a 3D avatar of your body image. Once you see yourself in 3D, you can get a better picture of what you want to look like and how to achieve your body goals. We can perform multiple scans over time and compare the before and after images directly.

      Package of all 4 tests $249

      By bundling all 4 fitness tests you can measure your body’s current health and fitness levels and set realistic goals accordingly.
      Our lab can help you assess the results of your workouts and weight loss efforts. All with the goal to give you the confidence to trust the process, confirm your results, and keep going!

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