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Your overall health isn’t determined just by the number on the scale or how much body fat you have. The health of your heart and lungs is key to increasing wellness and reducing the risk of disease. VO2 max measures the maximum oxygen your body can use during intense exercise. It indicates how healthy your cardiorespiratory system is and where you can improve your fitness levels.


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We perform a maximal exercise test of your VO2 max at Frazine Wellness by connecting you to a device that monitors your expired levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide while you exercise. It shows how much oxygen you consume at every level of exercise and measures your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, heart rate training zones, and calories burned during exercise.

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What it Treats

Cardiorespiratory health

Oxygen consumption

Fitness levels

Heart rate zones

Calories burned

Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds

Why Try VO2 Max in Paducah?


Fitness Level

VO2 max testing is considered the gold standard for determining fitness level since it provides concrete data that gauges your fitness performance.

Progress Tracking

With repeat testing throughout a fitness program, we can easily check your progress and identify what works for you and what doesn’t.

Cardiorespiratory Health Assessment

A healthy heart and lung system correlates with numerous benefits, including increased endurance, longer lifespans, and lower risks for disease.

What to Expect

The VO2 Max Testing Process



Once you schedule your consultation, you’ll come in to discuss your health history and current goals more thoroughly with one of our providers. Then we will set up your VO2 max testing to get a baseline of your fitness level.


VO2 Max Testing

Our VO2 testing specialist will carefully guide you throughout the testing. You will first exercise either on a treadmill or a stationary bike at progressively higher intensities while wearing a specialized mask. The machine measures how much oxygen you exhale as the difficulty increases. The test ends when you reach the point of maximum oxygen consumption and you can no longer continue, typically in under 15 minutes.



After your VO2 max testing, you will meet with your provider to review your results. Then we will develop a fitness training program based on the testing data to help you improve your fitness level.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to VO2 Max in Paducah, Frazine Wellness Recommends:


Avoid heavy exercise, caffeine, and alcohol in the 24 hours prior to testing


Make sure you’re well hydrated

Avoid eating for 3 hours prior to testing


Frequently Asked Questions

What does aerobic and anaerobic exercise mean?

When you exercise, your muscles consume energy either aerobically, meaning with oxygen, or anaerobically, meaning without oxygen. When you do aerobic exercise, your body uses oxygen for long periods of time at a steady rate. It’s less intense than an anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise uses energy without oxygen, which means that it’s more intense but shorter in duration than aerobic exercise.

Why are heart rate zones important for fitness?

Heart rate zones help identify how intense your workout is and how healthy your heart is. Not every workout will be in the same heart zone—it’s important to switch up your workout between lower heart zones (moderate exercise) with higher heart zones (intense exercise) for better heart health.

Is the mask for VO2 max testing uncomfortable?

To measure your results, the mask requires you to breathe through your mouth, which may be uncomfortable for some patients.

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