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At Frazine Wellness, we are committed to encouraging wellness while helping you achieve the results you want. Our practice offers services for body sculpting, sexual health, skincare, and fitness, and we pride ourselves on giving exemplary care to every individual at any stage in their wellness journey. Our treatment programs are supplemented by scientific approaches developed from years of firsthand medical experience to yield desired outcomes and maximize well-being.

A Center With Cutting-Edge Equipment

At our medical spa in Paducah, our facilities include the latest and most advanced sculpting procedures, hormone therapies, and fitness testing. With our state-of-the-art testing, high-grade fitness laboratory, and premium medical equipment, we can tailor your treatment to your needs and provide optimal results.

About Frazine Wellness

Dr. Ryan Frazine practiced internal medicine for many years before starting his own practice, along with Frazine Medical Weight Loss and Frazine Wellness. Dr. Ryan Frazine founded Frazine Wellness with the vision of helping patients achieve their best with support from skilled professionals who understand and value the science and art behind wellness. With our variety of available treatment options, our team at Frazine Wellness can build a clinical and customized solution to produce sustainable and measurable results.

Our services are available to you regardless of your age, health, weight, or background. No matter where you come from, we help you shape your body and life into the one you desire, using clinically proven methods.

The Values That Drive Us

Customized Care

Everyone’s body is unique with different needs. No one treatment is the same between patients—we customize it to fit you.

Scientific Approach

Evidence-based, data-driven strategies are the foundation of our treatment. Our years of medical expertise inform our approach to ensure your success.

Holistic Health

Health is not just your weight or fitness level. We believe achieving wellness comes from overall well-being, comprised of physical, emotional, and mental health.

Meet the Frazine Wellness Team

With years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Frazine leads other professionals who specialize in aesthetics, fitness, and intimacy health services. We are dedicated to helping patients accomplish their goals and attain maximum wellness at our medical spa in Paducah.


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