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Our bodies are much more than just the number on the scale. While the scale does tell you your body weight, it doesn’t tell you how much is fat, muscle, or water weight. You may be losing fat and replacing it with muscle, yet your weight seems to stay the same. It’s important to undergo a body composition analysis in Paducah to get a clear picture of your current health and to track your progress over time.


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At Frazine Wellness, we offer the InBody test to accurately measure your body composition in under 45 seconds. It then prints out results, which show you key components of your health. From your results, we can make a customized treatment plan that targets areas for improvement.

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What it Tests

Skeletal muscle mass

Body fat percentage

Body fat mass

Basal metabolic rate

Visceral fat level & more

Why Try Body Composition Analysis in Paducah?


Complete Health Understanding

The body composition analysis gives us a far more accurate understanding of your health than a simple reading on the scale.

Progress Tracking

By periodically receiving a body composition analysis while undergoing a weight management program, we can track your progress and see either how you’ve improved or where we might need to adjust your treatment.

Individualized Treatment

We can create a custom treatment program based on your body and your health to achieve your goals.

What to Expect

The Body Composition Analysis Process



You should prepare for your body composition test with a few, easy-to-follow steps such as not eating, exercising, showering, or consuming alcohol or caffeine in the hours before your test. When you step onto the scale, you will align your feet with the foot electrodes and put your thumbs on the oval electrodes, and keep still until the process is complete. Our specialist will be there to guide you through the analysis.


After your body composition test is complete, we will sit down with you in a consultation to more thoroughly discuss your results, goals, and actions you can take.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to body composition analysis in Paducah, Frazine Wellness Recommends:


Don’t eat or exercise for at least 3 hours before analysis.


Don’t consume alcohol or caffeine the day of the test.


Don’t apply lotion or ointment on your hands or feet.

Avoid showering or using a sauna before your test.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a body composition test safe?

Yes, the test is completely safe! It’s non-invasive and sends gentle electric currents you can’t even feel to analyze your body.

How often should I do a body composition test?

We recommend taking a body composition analysis every 2 to 4 weeks to accurately monitor your health progress.

Why does my weight fluctuate so much over a day?

Your weight fluctuates depending on how many meals and how much water you’ve had that day, as well as other factors, including exercise, bowel movements, and menstrual cycles. The body composition analysis gives you the most accurate picture of your body since it can account for factors like these in your results. We advise taking your recurrent tests under the same testing conditions for the highest accuracy.

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