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Your Body At Work While Resting

Even though you may be sitting or lying down, your body continues to burn calories to perform vital functions and maintain homeostasis. The rate at which your body burns calories while resting is referred to as resting metabolic rate. We take your resting metabolic rate into account to understand your fitness level and develop an optimal weight loss or exercise plan.


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At Frazine Wellness, we offer testing for resting metabolic rate in Paducah. The test captures and analyzes your breath composition, determines your oxygen consumption, and measures your caloric consumption rate. Using this information, we can determine how your metabolism affects weight loss, how many calories you should eat to maintain or lose weight, and how your treatment program changes your metabolic rate over time.

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What it Tracks

Resting metabolic rate

Oxygen consumption

Why Try Testing for Resting Metabolic Rate in Paducah?


Custom Meal Plan

By establishing your resting metabolic rate, we can better understand how many calories you burn on average. We can individualize your meal plan by establishing how many calories you should consume in a day.

Fitness Level

Resting metabolic rate indicates your level of fitness, which helps us develop an effective training plan.

Progress Tracking

With repeat testing, we can see directly how your health has improved with a weight loss or exercise program.

What to Expect

Resting Metabolic Rate Test Process



Before the testing, we want to gain an initial understanding of your situation, health concerns, and goals. We will meet with you for a consultation to review your health history, ask questions, and schedule the test.


Resting Metabolic Rate Test

At your testing, you recline in a comfortable position, and we encourage you to relax as much as possible. Once you are comfortable, we carefully apply the mouthpiece for you to breathe into. Over 10 to 20 minutes, we measure your metabolic rate from the oxygen you use.



After we collect data from the test, we follow up with you to look over your results and develop an effective program tailored to you and your needs.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to Resting Metabolic Rate in Paducah, Frazine Wellness Recommends:


Avoid stimulants such as caffeine.


Avoid eating for 4 hours before the test.


Avoid exercising before your test.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does breathing show how many calories I burn?

Resting metabolic rate tests use indirect calorimetry, meaning that through measurements of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, we can analyze approximately how many calories you burn while at rest.

Do I burn a lot of calories while resting?

Actually, even though you’re resting, the calories you burn make up the majority of the total calories burned daily, which is why resting metabolic rate is important to consider for weight management plans.

How do I increase my resting metabolic rate?

By building muscle and exercising regularly, you can increase your resting metabolic rate, which helps with weight loss and overall fitness.

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